The Nixer Comp Advantage

Trusted Partners

We understand that both a staffing company and a workers’ compensation program are partners. Nixer Comp has assembled a team of Best-in-Class program partners dedicated to delivering results. We are looking for like-minded, Best-in-Class staffing companies because together, we will achieve Best-in-Class results!

Document Submission Portal

The staffing submission and underwriting process isn’t easy and any retail agent that says it is, won’t get you the best rates, terms, and conditions. Yes, it takes prospects and retail agents a little longer up front. But the process is designed to allow Nixer Comp and its client-insureds to be competitive and profitable. Our Underwriting Document Submission Portal makes it easy for our client-insureds and their retail agents to upload and store underwriting submission documents, making them instantly available to the underwriter.

Claims Reporting, Handling and Best Outcomes

From claims coordinator training, employee communication, claims kits, 1-800 claims reporting, nurse triage, and tele-doc to concierge claims advocacy and adjuster claims file limits, Nixer Comp is determined to reach the best outcome on every claim. By working with our Best-in-Class client-insureds and following claims handling best practices, we will achieve Best-in-Class results.

Internal Education Development

Most employees spend more time in the restroom than they do in the classroom. Everyone can get so focused on making placements and getting paid that things like internal training fall to the wayside. Nixer Comp brands a Learning Management System (LMS) web portal to our client-insureds used to deliver and document internal employee training. Nixer Comp’s LMS contains a library of over 450 OSHA, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Wellness training courses that we use to create an effective Internal Education & Development Program.

Return-to-Work That Works

Establishing and implementing a robust Return to Work program is vital to the success of a worker’s compensation program in any industry and more importantly to the staffing environment. Having a clear understanding with the employee and employer with complete engagement is equally important. To support your Return to Work program we have partnered with ReEmployAbility, a leading return-to-work service provider, to ensure that injured employees are placed in light-duty assignments with not-for-profit organizations that satisfy the requirements set by their medical provider. Our goal is to get the injured worker back to work—the right way. This approach facilitates the claims resolution process and reduces costs, while helping the injured employee recover and connecting them to their community.

Nixer Comp Fraud Reporting Reward Program

We help staffing companies establish proactive fraud prevention programs that send the anti-fraud message to employees while establishing clear claims-reporting procedures and expectations. When fraudulent claims are identified, we will prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law.

Nixer Comp Risk Management Portal
Powered by Zywave

Each internal employee of our Client-Insureds will receive access to their own Nixer Comp Risk Management Portal as part of our Client-Insureds Risk Management & Loss Control Services and Resources program. This resource portal is your one-stop source for not just insurance but all your risk management, compliance, HR, safety and other business needs.

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