We take the complicated out of workers’ compensation.


We support best practices, minimize risk and control costs with Nixer Comp.

From classification assistance to claims advocacy, the Nixer Comp Staffing Program leverages Best-in-Class tools, resources, and partnerships to support our client-insureds staffing operations.

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    Employee Vetting & Hiring

    Obtaining the RIGHT people is the first step towards minimizing the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims. Nixer Comp champions staffing companies that establish and follow rigorous employee vetting and hiring procedures, and can facilitate the implementation of best practices in recruiting, pre-employment screening, credential verification, evaluating fitness for work, personnel records/applications, interview processes and orientation, and all other steps required to bring reliable and qualified candidates to every job assignment.

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    Onboarding & Training

    Temporary candidate communication is key to reducing claims costs. Nixer Comp supports and recognizes staffing companies with Best-in-Class onboarding procedures and provides safety, hazard, job, and injury reporting training guided by the OSHA Temporary Worker Initiative, National Safety Council and American Staffing Association’s Safety Standard of Excellence.

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    Risk Management & Loss Control

    By establishing and following Best-in-Class risk management and loss control policies/procedures it facilitates a genuinely safe environment and a positive claims culture which will ultimately result in the lowest claims and loss cost outcomes. These Best-in-Class practices also provide access to the most competitive insurance programs. Nixer Comp has partnered with StaffPRO3 to begin a comprehensive Risk Management Best Practice Assessment for our client-insureds, that evaluates corporate culture, risk management policies, client on-boarding, hiring policies, accident and injury protocols, claims process and other critical operation components. We then develop a customized Risk Management Action Plan and provide the support and resources the staffing firm needs to implement that plan, including internal staff training resources, access to staffing-experienced Risk Management Consultants, safety troubleshooting and on-site risk assessments.

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    Pre-Claims Process Management

    Nixer Comp helps its client-insureds establish a streamlined claims handling process focused on eliminating those factors that increase claims costs unnecessarily. This begins with the claims coordinator, host-employer, and temporary-candidate injury & accident training and communication.

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    Claims Management

    The Workers’ Compensation process is complex. Efficient claims management is vital to the success of any business. By integrating a holistic Claims Management program, this process can run more effectively. Claims are handled intelligently, proactively and with integrity while using an Advocacy Based Claims Model to ensure the injured worker is top priority. Use of this model affords the injured worker the best opportunity for recovery while making sure claims costs are controlled from unneeded expenses. We drive this philosophy thru our Claims Partner relationships to ensure the best possible claim and medical management with value added services that give us the winning edge. Partnering with an industry leading TPA; CCMSI, our client insureds have access to cutting edge technology as well as superior claim consultants that enable claims to be driven to positive outcomes.

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    Nixer Comp Policy Administration

    Staffing-Friendly means that we understand that policy administration is just as important as claims management. From class-code determinations, endorsements, billing & premium payments, final premium audits, unit statistical reporting and more, we strive to exceed our client-insureds expectations.

Best-in-Class Workers’ Compensation Program for Best-in-Class staffing firms and those who aspire to be.